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22 November 2009 @ 06:22 pm
I'm on a roll today! Time for part two of the birthday festivities. ^_^ This doesn't have such a fancy name, but a variant of it does~

Since the request was for Pandan-something, I decided to once again take an unconventional route and make 21 Cream puffs for my friend's 21st birthday! Since I thought pandan puffs would be rather visually disturbing [green puffs are a bit strange...], I decided to make regular choux pastry and fill it with pandan cream. And what better combination than pandan, coconut, and palm sugar?

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22 November 2009 @ 01:54 pm
For this weekend of birthdays, we celebrated a double birthday yesterday and I was in charge of making the cakes. Seeing as an actual cake takes a long time, I decided to go the unconventional route and make tiramisu and cream puffs. Of course, it's a birthday so regular flavors wouldn't do and thus, I customized the "cakes" for each recipient. ^_^

I have no photos of the stuff I made, and I'm hoping someone took photos and will pass them to me soon... =X

First up, the Nutella Tiramisu! Thanks to the birthday girl, it has been named A Squirrel's Fantasy.

12 October 2009 @ 09:19 pm

Today, I made a batch of granola in less than an hour. It has got to be the simplest breakfast food ever (apart from just toasting bread and slathering it with butter, or peanut butter, or nutella.. mm..) and one of the most delicious, and nutritious! I put it together with advice from various sources and making stuff up as I went along so this is really more of a guide than a recipe.

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Everyone knows chocolate - of that I'm pretty sure. You may have never tried all of the different varieties available, you may dislike some flavors, but in some way or another, I'm sure everyone has at least heard of this thing called chocolate.

And I never knew that chocolate was so important, or so varied, until I started reading up more.

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19 September 2009 @ 01:18 pm
From Saveur Magazine, September 2009
September 21
Anniversary: Whipped Cream Dispenser Invented
1943, New York City

Inventor Julian Kahn described his device - made with the valve of a car tire - as a tool for "discharging [a] cream and gas mixture through a constricted orifice". That inauspicious-sounding idea developed to give us Reddi-wip and other canned whipped creams - a boon to sundae lovers everywhere.
Although I am not a fan of the taste of canned whipped cream, I understand it's appeal to the mass market because it's so convenient, and who doesn't love convenience? [Cue the appearance of instant ramen.] Still, it somehow never really matches up to the taste of freshly whipped cream, made the traditional way by whipping air slowly [or quickly - depending on whether you're doing it by hand or mixer], which is rich, airy, and sweetly delicious all at the same time. Yum~

Speaking of cream, I should get some cream and make some cream scones because they're so delicious! Or when you mention creaminess, I think some Japanese potato salad is in order since there's Kewpie sitting in the fridge.^_^ If all else fails, Kewpie matches okonomiyaki exceedingly well.

What does everyone like about cream?
29 January 2009 @ 12:00 am
From NY Times.com

Gaston Lenôtre, Who Built a Culinary Brand, Is Dead at 88

Published: January 9, 2009

PARIS — Gaston Lenôtre, founder of the restaurant, catering, retail and cooking school empire Lenôtre, which embodies French savoir-vivre and savoir-faire, especially in the art of pastry, died Thursday at his home in Sennely, in the Sologne region south of Paris. He was 88.

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24 September 2008 @ 03:09 pm
Upon my arrival in Hong Kong, I had to contemplate the sticky heat that hung over the city, but none of that could fight against the growing in hunger growling within me... I hadn't really eaten breakfast in anticipation of the delicious food that Hong Kong has to offer but little did I know we would arrive in Hong Kong quite so late...

To start off our eating journey, my dad brought us to the IFC Building where a chain of famous wanton meen restaurants had opened a very lovely branch of 正斗! [It's pronounced zang-dao, or what I think the closest approximation is..] At 2pm, it was still relatively crowded from the late lunch-time crowd and we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.

Was it worth the wait?

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29 July 2008 @ 02:39 pm

Eat!!! =D


Ever since my return to Singapore, it’s been one thrill ride after another of food, food and more food as I struggle to check out every new nook and cranny on the island. It’s impossible if you ask me, but one can always try one’s best!


Because I’ve not only been trying to eat my way through [almost] all of Singapore’s delicious local food, but also been trying to eat at all the gourmet establishments, the next few posts will be a mish-mash of everything I’ve tried.. so far that I've taken a photo of. =P It’s impossible to eat everything I want to eat on this trip back, and I’m not planning to. Haha.. That would require a stomach of steel, more cash than I have and time I don’t possess.


I’ve done quite a good job so far though, if you ask me.=)



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16 July 2008 @ 09:57 am

Ahh! I’m almost done with clearing my backlog of posts.=) At least, I’m going to be done with Ann Arbor already… As for my Singapore posts, I think those can wait yes?


I’m sure everyone has eaten or at least heard of or seen what wantons are. And so, it was one afternoon where we embarked ambitiously on a bout of wanton making for a large group of people using store-bought wanton skins. (You didn’t actually think we’d want to make our own did you?!) Pretty much the only work we had to do was make the filling and actually wrap the wantons…

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15 July 2008 @ 07:36 pm

When looking for a quiet place on a rainy afternoon for a nice cup of tea, there aren’t that many places to go. It’s raining after all, and many people hide in cafes and teashops to avoid getting drenched. However, even a crowded location can be pleasant if it’s well laid out and not too cramped. A drool-worthy selection of pastries, cakes and other snacks for you to nibble on doesn’t hurt either. And finally, that perfect pot of tea to warm you up always hits the right spot.

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